de_metro is a “Counter Strike : Global Offensive”(CS:GO) competitive map made with Hammer taking place in a subway in construction.
The map has been designed for competitive 5 versus 5 Bomb mode which is currently the most popular in CS:GO.

I was working alone on this map from the begining to the end. The project has been done in 60 hours.
Since I’ve never used Hammer before this project I also used it to learn how to use this map editor tool.

Gameplay footage

For this project I’ve decided of one constraint: the map must be only in interiors.

If you look at usual competitive CS:GO maps they all have large areas in exteriors. I wanted to challenge myself and see if I was able to create a competitive and fun to play map all in interiors.

This constraint brought two principal issues:
– The players can’t easily throw grenades from a corridor to a bombsite.
– The map was to easy to defend if the defenders blocked the corridors exits with molotoves and smokes.

To allow the players to throw grenades from a corridor to a bombsite I used ventilation ducts that are going through walls and connect this areas.
Indeed the defense was too easy, the defenders could block all the sites entries, to fix this each site have at least 3 entries and the attackers can rapidly switch of positions. This allow the attackers to diversify their approach and creates entertaining gameplay to watch.

Map Layout

The map theme brought another issue: Metro corridors looks the same and the player can be easily lost.
To solve this issue is used different colors on the wall textures, one half of the map is blue and the other one is red, each color lead to a different Bombsite.
Thanks to this the player always knows in which half of the map he is and to which bombsite he is heading.

Differences Between the two halfs of the map.

Improved skills:
– 3D Level Design.
– Learn from scratch a new Map Editor : Hammer.
– Multiplayer maps layouts and Balancing.
– Playtest management (Compiling results of tests with more than 10 players).