Mined is a first person survival horror taking place in a mine made with Unreal Engine 4. A horror game in which you explore a mine looking for the remnants of your own past. To this end, you wander inside this gloomy labyrinth, throwing glowsticks around to guide yourself.

We were a team of five persons on this project, I’ve ensured the roles of Level Designer, Level Builder and Level Scripter. It was a student project made in 3.5 months on our free time. The main intention was to make the player feel he is lost in a pitch black labyrinth where a strange entity is looking for him.

As the Level Designer of the team the most interesting challenge was to build different levels with strong visual identity so that the player can know in which level he is at every moment. Besides that, the game mechanics brought some truely interesting constraints to build around (for instance, the player can’t die by falling, instead he pass out and wake up at his landing point). To respond to this constraints we’ve decided to build the mine around an elevator, thanks to it even if the player fall a level lower he can always come back later to pursue his exploration.

Mine structure

There is and entity lurking into the mine, when it catches the player he is randomly teleported in the Level (The player can only be teleport where the entity can move). Taking this in consideration we had to shape our levels to be sure that the player and the entity can only be in accessible and walkable places.

The entity near to catch the player.

One of my tasks was also to make levels as close as possible of a real mine environment and still fun to explore. To ensure the player immersion we got through many graphical references (Photography, videos, texts…). Thanks to this we have a much deeper knowledge of the mine which was truely helpfull while designing the levels.

A miner rest room in a shaft

Improved Skills: 
– 3D Level Design.
– Level Building (from greyblocks to props).
– Level Scripting with Blueprints.
– Optimization issues (Mostly related to environment lighting).
– Navigation meshes and AI movements in levels.
– Level Design by iteration.