Pastry Factory

Pastry Factory is a mobile puzzle game made with Unity.  Your mission is to fix the cake machine, to this end you will use pastry cogwheels to solve puzzles that will challenge your logic and 3D spatialization.

We were a team of seven persons on this project, I’ve ensured the roles of Level Designer, Level Builder and Game Designer. It was a student project made in two weeks. The game is available on android and can be downloaded on the android store at this location.
This project was a great experience since it was not just about making a mobile but also publishing it in early access and see how the players react. We had to release the game after one week of work and then improve it based on players feedbacks on the android store.

Through the development process I’ve been able to produce 40 levels for the game. Each of these levels was designed on paper and once I was sure it was interesting I implemented it in the game. The levels were truely interesting to build since we had a game mechanic that allow the player to flip the level and play on both sides. He could even use some cogwheels that can get through the level and be on the two sides at once.

Since the two sided levels mechanic was difficult to understand and use for the players, I decided to use the 10 first levels of the game as tutorials to introduce all our gameplay mechanics and different types of cogwheels. This way I was able to smoothly learn one by one every subtility of our gameplay to the player.

Improved Skills :
– Systemic puzzle game Level Design.
– Paper Level Design.
– Puzzle games tutorials.
– Difficulty curve.
– Unity Level Build for mobile devices.